Some interesting “Top Ten”

Top 10 reasons

The top ten reasons climbing is better than love.

By James Jay Klavetter

10.     The bond between you and your partner is more apparent.
9.      Your partnership doesn't often end up making children.
8.      Your partner and yourself are doing something together you 
        BOTH enjoy.
7.      Your partner usually doesn't throw things at you when there is
        an arguement.
6.      Your partner doesn't get mad at you if you forget the
        anniversary of your first climb together.
5.      If your partner leaves you, it is relatively easy to find
4.      You don't usually feel like jumping off a cliff if you fail at
        a climb.
3.      On most climbs, you can protect against something REALLY bad
2.      Communication is easier and surer (even if windy).


1.      If there is a fall, broken bones mend faster and more 
        completely than broken hearts.

Why climbing is better than sex.

A man's perspective, by John Byrnes

1.  When you climb, you only have to get yourself to the peak.
2.  If you climb with someone other than your regular partner, no one gets mad,
   in fact, you can all three climb together and share protection!
3.  You can reuse your protection, and someone else even cleans for you,
    provided you don't put it in too deep.
4.  There IS such a thing as being too overhung.
5.  You can get belayed without first bekissing.
6.  A good hand jam can be as satisfying as any other kind of jam.
7.   No matter how many times you fall off, you can always climb back on.
8.  Having a belay slave is not a criminal offense.
9.  The rocks never expect you to call afterward.
10. Friction is a positive quality when you're climbing.
11. The rocks don't care if you show up late.
12. The rocks don't complain after 7 or 8 pitches.
13. When you're climbing, a good two-finger jam will support your body weight.
14. Your belayer never hesitates when you yell "TAKE!"
15. When you're climbing, weird body positions are considered "cool".
16. The rocks don't scream for help when you try for the on-sight flash.
17. Your climbing partner doesn't complain when you don't want to do cracks
    anymore and want to do some face.
18. A three-finger pocket isn't too big.
19. You don't have to wait an hour after getting pumped-out.

A woman's perspective, by Ilana Stern

1)  The rock is always hard.
2)  Rocks are never busy watching football when you'd rather climb.
3)  Rocks don't complain about the kind of protection you want to use.
4)  You can go climbing with another woman and nobody will call
    you names or hassle you.
5)  You can use ropes and harnesses and nobody will think you're kinky.
6)  You can go climbing any time of the month.
7)  It's over when *you* reach the peak.
8)  You won't die of embarrassment if your mother finds your rock gear.
9)  If it's in too deep, you can yank on a nut.
10) Nobody ever got pregnant rock climbing!
11) If you need something REAL BIG, you can always put in a Big Bro'!